Women's Breathable Shoes

What are breathable sneakers or shoes and why use them?

Breathable shoes can be simply defined as those shoes containing fabrics or leather which permit water vapor to escape while maintaining water repellence. Today, breathable shoes are available in a large variety of styles ranging from formal to athletic wear in ladies, gents, and gender-neutral styles. Breathable fabrics were initially produced using methods similar to waterproofing. However, new footwear technology, from breathable fabrics to perforated uppers, are now designed to let air pass through for ventilated relief and comfortable walk. Cotton and other natural fabrics are certainly breathable, but not as breathable as leather. Breathability is one of the special properties of leather, which no other substitute material exudes.

 Such shoes are beneficial for everyone particularly in hot climates, those who do intense exercises and in all seasons. But, those with athletic lifestyles would find these shoes exceptionally useful.  Breathable shoes can assist in the prevention of foot fungus which thrives in warm, moist environs such as sweaty non-breathable shoes, and the minor discomfort associated with sweaty, smelly feet. The benefits of breathable shoes combined with their non-solvent methods of creation deem them nothing short of a step forward in an ever increasing environmentally conscious world.