These lightweight high-waisted push-up leggings are elastic, ankle-length and close-fitting garments that you can easily slip into them no matter your shape.

They are made of treated polyester fabric which makes you feel comfortable and are durable, breathable, and water-resistant; and are a popular choice for activewear such as for gym, running, workouts and yoga.

They do withstand a good deal of wear and tear and these casual sports pants are a practical substitute for sweatpants. These fitness trousers are multi-functional because you can wear them for a variety of activities and in all weather.

You can fit them perfectly into your leather booths instead of the bulkiness and wrinkling you find with jeans. You could wear them with any outfit and shoes. They are squat-proof and, if you bend a lot, this is for you.

 Easy-care; wash and hang to dry in order to avoid shrinkage and warp.